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In January 1973 Spence Bay carver artist Karoo Ashevak ᖃᖪᖅ ᐋ𑪰ᕙᒃ had a solo show of his carvings in New York City. He was accompanied by James Eetoolook ᐃᑦᑐᓗᒃ, Arnaoyok ᐊᕐᓇᐅᔪᖅ Alookee and John McGrath ᐅᒥᓕᒃ.  Arnaoyok had not be south of Yellowknife before that trip so it was a good introduction for her to the market Arnaqarvik would be working for.  All four were wearing Spence Bay fashions and Arnaoyok had taken most of the designs made in the project with her.  Photographer Pam Harris, who had visited Spence Bay the year before, also accompanied them, photographing the group in Central Park and around New York, as well as fashion shoots of Arnaoyok wearing the various project pieces at interesting locations around the city.  Out in public Arnaoyok received offers to buy the clothes, even from Japanese tourists, but the fashions were prototypes and close to her heart, so she gracefully declined the offers.  The group was also scheduled to appear on NBC Today however, unfortunately, they were pre-empted by a sudden news event.
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