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In 2021, our project reunited the people of Taloyoak with Arnaqarvik collections by shipping 400 local artworks back to the community. We felt it was important for people to see them, touch them, try them on, speak with family about them and examine them up close. Photos and digital images of collections can never replace this kind of intimate experience between objects and between people. A full range of items curated by Arnaoyok and Judy in the summer of 2021 were included in the four crates shipped to Taloyoak and the items were all on display for all who came to the school gym over the week. However, on the return shipping path, one of the four crates went missing. We desperately searched through all available means and with all the carriers, and to no avail. To the best of our knowledge, this crate is currently somewhere in a Purolator warehouse in Ontario.   


These treasures belong to their community, and have been carefully preserved by Judy for 50 years on behalf of Taloyoak's women. We will continue to honor these missing items through their stories. 


We are grateful for any efforts to help us to identify and re-locate these missing items to ensure their ongoing legacy as part of the Arnaqarvik collection. We believe that if they are known to be missing and beloved, they may one day return to be with the other items as a whole. Should you have any information about the below artworks, please contact us about them through this website's contact page or via the Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society.  

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