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Having established a market with the Inuit Gallery in Toronto to carry Arnaqarvik hangings and dolls, the gallery staff suggested Creeds as an option to carry the clothing. Creeds was a Toronto family-owned high-end women’s clothier founded as a furrier in 1916. While the store was known as much for its luxurious interior as its fashions and furs, its owner, Eddie Creed, also had a strong connection to the land through farming, so he was enthusiastic about the Arnaqarvik fashions with embroidered, woven and crocheted natural dye trims. For each coat and parka, we handmade a booklet of photos and information about Spence Bay, the artist who made the garment, the photographer, and the natural dyes, including pressed plants.  The relationship was synergistic and collaborative so when Creeds moved to their new location on Yonge Street, they dedicated three of their most prominent street windows to Arnaqarvik fashions and duffle polar bears and Eddie provided a dedicated space in the new store to carry hangings, photographs and anything else we wished to send to them, while earning Creeds exclusive rights to carry Arnaqarvik-made articles in Toronto.


Click to view a Creed's fashion shoot using Arnaqarvik parkas. 

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