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Marmie Hess, a rancher in the Rockies near Calgary, was a passionate educator, art historian, community builder and philanthropist who focused her interest and energy on the Canadian Arctic at a time few others did.  She founded the Calgary Galleries in 1970 to showcase aboriginal art and culture and, learning of Arnaqarvik, she travelled to Spence Bay to learn firsthand about the work and to ask if we would create a fashion show of clothing and exhibition of hangings, toys, carvings, and anything else we would like to showcase. She funded the venture and was adamant that all the choices for the fashion show were for Arnaqarvik to make, an artistic freedom the original project was founded upon, but that was often restricted by government and business influences and pressures. Marmie allowed for the excitement and creativity of the earliest project to be relived, this time with a touch of maturity. The ladies concluded the diverse fashion show with an Arctic wedding party with full length wool duffle cape coats and Mother Hubbard dresses and carrying bouquets of Arctic cotton grass and pink sea thrift. Marmie arranged for extensive news coverage of the two-day fashion show and exhibition and provided very useful staff feedback of visitor comments for all the exhibition items.  Much of the fashion collection stayed with Marmie who later showcased it at a Jerusalem Hilton fashion show in Israel.

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